Assign keys to paste certain figures?

I am new to Dorico and starting to get the hang of it and loving it!
I would like to create some sort of short cut for inputing certain rhythmic slash notations. I am arranging a lot of tango, and it would be incredibly useful to be able to automate time marking models. It is becoming standard to use slash notation for many of the rhythmic cliches in tango, and they can be a bit cumbersome to input. I thought maybe I could use a macro or even cut and paste to do this. Ideally using the chord symbol to get the information for the pitch, but it would even be helpful just to put the right slashes in automatically without regards to pitch. Basically trying to automate things like:

You can easily change the notehead to slash (make a selection, right click>notehead>slashes>…). Pasting motifs is also simple. Select your motif and use alt-click to copy it wherever you need it. (alt-click works for copy/pasting almost anything!)