Assign LX 49+ knobs to channel eq

can anybody please explain, how i can assign the 8 rotary knobs on the nektar lx 49+ in my Cubase5 , so I can control the 4 frequency bands and their settings?

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

As I doubt that there was a specific Nektar LX49+ remote device included in Cubase 5, you’ll probably need to use a Generic Remote Definition, for this. In Cubase 11, it looks like this (actually, it’s still basically the same as it was in Cubase 5, even if a redesign of the window happened, since) :

  1. To add a Generic Remote definition, you should go in the Studio Setup window (if I remember well, it was accessible with the Devices > Devices setup command in C5), and add a Remote device with the + button on the upper left of it.

  2. Set the MIDI ports used.

  3. Add each knob of your LX49+ in the upper panel, using eventually the Learn option

  4. be sure that each knob has the relevent column values (“controller”, MIDI channel and address used by the involved knob, the maximal value it uses and the R and P flags (read + pick-up).

  5. Proceed in the same way in the lower panel, by adding again the same knobs defined in the upper one.

  6. Define the command that each knob will control : to control each of the EQ strip 4 bands gain and frequency, I set them as shown above (EQ1 Gain, EQ1 Freq, EQ2 gain, EQ2 Freq and so on…), but in Cubase 5 it was probably be labelled differently. It works, here, at least…

Once properly set, do not forget to save the GR definition created, just in case…