Assign midi channel number for Groove Agent cell to record in cubase?

is there a way to record GA (acoustic agent) cell or cells on different midi channel, lets say the snare cells on midi channel 2 and the rest of the cells on midi channel 1.
the purpose is to record the “Note repeat” function notes live on a midi track and the rest of the kit on other midi track or main instrument track.
here are videos where i can record the Note repeat on the snare, but i have to mute the other “cells” to not record them
in first video i already recorded the main groove and recorded the note repeat commands

in the second video i record the output of GA into the midi track to record the Note Repeat in the actual played notes from Note Repeat function, but i have to mute the “Main” groove cuz it records All drum cells from GA

eventually i want to record the “Note Repeat” notes live while I’m playing it on separate midi channel without the “Main” groove that are not played by the Note Repeat function