Assign MIDI from a Plugin to Chord Pads


Is it possible to assign MIDI from a plugin to a chord pad?

For example, I would like to load the Cubase chord pads with MIDI chords from Scaler 2 or Forager.

Do the chord pads support drag n drop of MIDI? You could drag chords from Scaler to chord pads or first to track and then from there to chord pads. I donĀ“t use chord pads, but I know Scaler supports drag n drop

In my experiments, they do not.

If anyone knows otherwise, please advise!

The point is, there are many plugins these days that can offer up a chord(s), and it is desirable to be able to load such into a Cubase chord pad.

One would think that the routing possibilities in Cubase would be sufficient to allow this.

Unf. I have not yet achieved it, and if it is not possible (or if it is!) I would really like to know!

The chord pads do not support drag n drop of MIDI directly.
The chord pads support drag n drop of Chord Track chord events.
You can create Chord Track chord events from MIDI, so a workaround is possible.

Here is a video showing how to get chords from Scaler into Cubase Chord Pads via that path:

So, short general answer is to record your plugin MIDI, turn the recorded MIDI into Cubase Chord Track events, then drag those into the pads.