Assign midi out channels to instruments tracks

I’m just getting into cubase 7 and feeling a bit confused. I’m trying to set up my hyper canvas vst so I can play 3 different instruments on different midi channels. To start I set up 3 midi tracks and assigned Hyper C to each on appropriate midi channel. Works OK but like this I cant see the equaliser and effects options in the mixing console.
I need individual track control not just through the overall vst and stereo out mixers.

Next I set it up as 3 instrument tracks - now I see the effects in the mixer but then each time I invoke vst it gives me a new vst console in which I have to reload all my vst settings. How do I route my instrument tracks to a single instance of Hyper Canvas through midi channels so I can use a single Vst console panel. I dont see any obvious way to assign midi channel- out to instrument tracks. Assume there is one or loading my vst performance files one by one will be very time consuming especially on more complex mixes. I’ve read through the manuals but the number of ways to set up tracks is making me giddy. Is there something simple I’m missing? Hope this makes sence. Peter

Hi Peter,

you have to activate multiple outputs for your Instrument in the VST Instruments Rack. There is an arrow pointing to the right in the rack, between the “e” button and the name of the instrument. Click there and activate as many outputs as you need.


(I think, with all due respect, that Luis has misread the question :wink: )…
Unless, on the other hand, it is I who have misread :wink:, I think that you should be using the VST Instrument Rack, then using regular MIDI tracks routed to it, rather than using the dedicated Instrument Tracks (which, being designed for simplicity, have only one MIDI input, fixed at MIDI channel #1)