Assign midi

Hi, simple question, i’m watching videos where people insert a vst instrument and CB asks if they want to assign a midi track to the instrument, is this available pro8 or do you have to manually add the midi track?
thank you

It happens if you add Rack instrument as opposed to adding Instrument Track.

Not a new thing in C8, you might have clicked on the (do not ask again) then it asked you at one time.

hi sorry i forgot to click email replies, ok thx for the replies, so if i clicked do not ask me, where can i find to to ask me lol, i looked under midi in pref but didnt see anything. i think you know what i mean
thank you so much

There is a “Create MIDI track when loading VSTi”
It can be set to “Do not” , “Always” or “Always ask to”

Hope that was it.

thx peakae, strangely it is set to “always ask to” but it does not ask???