Assign MidiTrack CC to keyb. shortcut

Hello community!
This is my question:

I want a MIDI track to send a CC to be assigned to a keyboard command.

This is necessary because I have to manage a live with audio tracks being played, and at the same time I have to play VST instruments in real time, and I have to be able to change the sounds on my keyboards.
I had thought about assigning a CC midi to the “arm track” function (“R” keyboard shortcut), so that I can turn on / off the tracks I have to play with the keyboards.

Can you please help me?

What exactly are you trying to do?

  1. Have a pre-recorded midi track with CC events at predefined times, and want those CC events to trigger the “arm track” function on various tracks in the project?
  2. Have special keys on your keyboard “wired” so that you can arm a track by using a key that is not a part in playing music?

1 I don’t think is possible.
2 can be configured via Generic Remote setup I guess.

Thank for your response.
what i want to do is choice 1.

I would like to create track folders, containing the midi tracks assigned to vst instruments that I have to play live on two keyboards.
at a certain moment of playback, the armature of the folder track 1 is disabled and that of the folder track 2 is enabled, which contains other midi tracks assigned to other VST instruments.

unfortunately it seems to me the only right way, because if you disable the armature while playing on a midi track, this sends a note-off message rightly, and that’s what I want to achieve.

unfortunately enabling armature is not automatable in track controls.

I don’t think you can do that within Cubase but it’s fairly simple to do it with some external help. Create a virtual midi cable from your control track to a Generic Remote device in Cubase.

  1. Install loopMIDI
  2. Create a midi port in loopMIDI (e.g. “ArmLoop”)
  3. In Cubase Studio Setup - Midi Port Setup, remove “ArmLoop” from “All Midi In” so that other tracks aren’t recording the things sent from the control track.
  4. Still in Cubase Studio Setup, create a Generic Remote device and set “ArmLoop” as its midi input (midi output not connected).
  5. Create entries in the Generic Remote device that triggers the functions you want (this can be any type of event and must not be CC - it might be easier to edit in the control track if it’s Note On events…). If there is some key command that is not natively supported by functions in the Generic Remote you need to create a key command macro that triggers that single key command - after that you can trigger the macro from the Generic Remote.
  6. Create the control track in Cubase and set its midi output to “ArmLoop” and the output channel to what has been set in the Generic Remote entries.
  7. Create the events (as defined in the Generic Remote) at the right locations.

Thank you very much!!!
I’ll try It!

thanks for reporting loopMidi, it is a fantastic tool that also allows you to create a midi bridge with other software that are open at the same time as cubase! fantastic! thank you very much!!

Work perfectly… Just une problem (a big problem)
When I Press the spacebar to stop the reproduction, It Active the Macro assigned in generic remote control…

If I deselect a midi in generic remote control all i’ts ok… I don’t undestain… Can you help me please?

I don’t know what your configuration looks like so I can’t really say what’s wrong.

The spacebar is normally assigned to the transport startstop function. What does your generic remote setup look like? What key is assigned to the macro you are talking about?

I’ve assigneg a LoopMidi in in “midi input” of generic remote control, and the Control Change 110 Is assigned to Macro…

In keyboard shortcut the spacebar Is assigned only at start/stop command.

It’s really strange

I suggest that you use Notes instead of CC in your control track. Cubase seems to re-send the last used CC/PC when you hit the space bar.

Thank you. I’ll try it

Peefect, wokly perfect!!!