Assign Mixer Effects to Expression Map?

I’m deep into creating a really nice Expression Map / Playback template for the Orange Tree Samples Les Paul guitar VST.

So far, I have stomp box effects inside the VST (Tremolo, Auto-Wah, Phaser, Chorus, and Fuzz Tone) being triggered inside the VST.

Is there a way to trigger delay and reverb from inside Dorico? I can’t seem to figure out how to assign CC#s to the effects sends power buttons.

Any ideas?

Just thought I’d check again to see if anyone may have an idea on how to do this. Thanks!

There’s no way an instrument can interact with the inserts you find in the mixer (yet). All CCs controls affect the vst instrument, nothing else — there’s no automation yet on the mixing desk in Dorico. Provided your VSTi can be automated by programmable ccs, you should be able to control these effects through an expression map and a set of playing techniques that will trigger them.

Thank you, @MarcLarcher

Yes, this is the way I’m currently doing it

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If you are willing to say “whatever works” and if the plugin is pretty good at managing its own resources, then a workaround is to add a couple of different instances of the VST, put insert FX on some and not others. Have different voices in Dorio (ISV) mapped to those instances, and change voices for the guitar in the score.