Assign Multiple Channels To Same Colour

I’m sure there already -is- a way to do this but my rule of thumb: If I can’t find it in the Op. Manual in 60 seconds OR there is no right click OR there is no tool tip? The feature needs help.

When you select several tracks in MixConsole and click the colour selector down arrow it should SAY, “Assign all selected colours?”

Same goes for Track Routing. There used to be a Ctrl-Alt-Click way to assign multiple channels to the same output. I’m sure there still is something like that. Can’t remember what it is. Can’t find it in PDF. There should be AT LEAST a tooltip.

All this stuff should be about 100% more OBVIOUS.

Just because it’s ‘possible’ doesn’t mean it’s USEFUL.

On a Mac it’s SHIFT/OPTION to change all selected channel outputs in one go. I’m guessing it’s the same on a PC. This used to be another mod key combo a while back but Steinberg moved the furniture for no particular reason.
As for the color thing…there is that little paint can up in the Toolbar. Select the channels, click the paint can and choose a color. All selected get the color.

All this stuff should be about 100% more OBVIOUS.
Just because it’s ‘possible’ doesn’t mean it’s USEFUL.

Couldn’t agree more.

Thanks. Both for the reminder and for the support. I used to think I was simply ‘old’ but the thing SB doesn’t seem to realise is that if you -compose- the amount of INFORMATION OVERLOAD with DAW software has increased EXPONENTIALLY since Cubase started. I mean the amount of merde I have to track between sample libs, VSTis, Cubase, etc. (not to mention writing NOTES) has gone off the charts.

I cannot simply be expected to memorise all the arcana as was the case in 2005. Cubase has to recognise that I’ve got too much CRAP to keep track of and help me. They can’t just change long-standing functions, not make it clear as glass in the docs and then to boot, HIDE the function! Just like flying a 747… Boeing makes it more SELF-EVIDENT to fly as the planes get more complicated. That’s what Cubase should be doing.

Oh… and the paint can thing doesn’t work for MixConsole colours. At least on my PC, it only seems to affect Tracks in the Project side.



The Colour Tool (paint can icon) I believe is for clicking/rubber-banding parts or events, and setting them to the colour chosen. I’m unsure how you’re using that to get the actual Track colours in the project window to change… I can’t make that happen here; an empty track or one with events/parts… strange…

Anyhow, you said in your first post you tried the Colour selection drop-down and you felt it should say something like ‘Assign to all selected channels’. But, well just choosing an actual colour from there, works for me here… All the selected tracks in both project and mix console will take on the colour.

This is not the paint can icon - this is from the Colour Menu (selection) box - add it by right-clicking on your toolbar, if not already visible (for other interested readers who are unaware of it…!).


Oh… and the paint can thing doesn’t work for MixConsole colours. At least on my PC, it only seems to affect Tracks in the Project side.

Hmmm…a Mac thing? I dunno, because when I do as described from the Project window, all the Mixer channels get the same color as well.

I’m unsure how you’re using that to get the actual Track colours in the project window to change…

To be clear, up in the Toolbar, I have the Tool Buttons visible. Left clicking on the Color Tool brings up my list of colors. Selecting a color from there will change all selected tracks to that color…both in the Project window and Mixer…as long as no individual Parts are selected in the Project window. This is opposed to right clicking to bring up the contextual tool selector and choosing the Color Tool from the list presented there. Again…is this just a Mac thing?

And sorry about calling it the paint can…it’s officially called the Color Tool.

Yes, it does work here on PC. But you have to make sure no parts are selected, just tracks.

When I put my UX hat on I’m so disgusted I dunno what to say.

So… there is a ‘Color Tool’ (ie. ‘Paint Can’) and then there is a (cough) ‘Select Colors’… what? ‘box’ ‘object’ ‘icon’? The manual doesn’t even tell you.

And the manual tells you that ‘Select Colors’ can be used to select a track colour. Groovy. It doesn’t mention the whole ‘multiple tracks’ thing at all… or anything about how it might apply to MixConsole.

Further, the Paint Can does -everything- Select Colors seems to do (including colouring multiple ‘Tracks’ but NOT (apparently) multiple MixConsole -channels-… only the ‘Select Colors’ (whatever) can do that?

The Select Colors gizmo should be on top of MixConsole. It works on MixConsole so it should be ON MixConsole.

And again, there needs to be self-evident cues to show one how to colourise multiple tracks/channels

The only visual cue I see wrt to this is that the ‘Q-Link’ icon lights up on the MixConsole if you hold down Alt/Shift (boy that’s self-evident. NOT!) Or wait… is it ‘Ctrl-Shift?’ No wait… it’s Ctrl-Alt-Shift, turn round and part yer hair on the right. OK, GO!

What gets SOOOOO annoying is that one can gainsay every little, teeny, tiny, detail with various RTFM or ‘Google Search’ snark. But the point remains: Cubase needs to be 100% more SELF-EVIDENT.

OK, so what is the actual short cut key so I can select multiple channels in the mixconsole, and give them all the same colour? Then what is the short cut key so I can select a little picture and assign that same picture to all selected channels, in one go?

I have tried turning on Quick Link. Then pressing and holding Alt, then Alt and Shift. Then Ctrl And Shift. None of it is working. I have 900+ channels in my mix console at the minute. Oh, I am using Cubase Pro 8.5.15 on a Mac.

Thanks to whoever clears this up because it’s driving me crazy having to do each one separately!

Well, not specifically what you asked for, but you can do from the Project Window. Use the color drop down menu to change the color of selected tracks.

I found my way here by Googling for a way to assign colours to multiple channels at once in MixConsole. I still haven’t found an answer; only other people looking for the same thing? Why is this not in the context menu? I’m new to Cubase, but not to software applications. I can’t believe this is so hard.

For what its worth, i spent a frustrating 30 mins trying to figure out how to color multiple channels/tracks in Cubase pro 8.5 too. I figured it out and feel like an idiot. I was holding the shift button to select all the ones i want to color and it doesn’t work unless you RELEASE the shift key! Duh. Shift to select multiple channels, release shift key and select your color in the color menu. Have a nice day.

OH…the trick is NOTHING can be selected. So shift select your channels, then click an empty area in the project window THEN select your color otherwise it won’t let you.