Assign multiple controller LSB, MSB to device panel slider

I’m currently building an editor for an external Synth. I need the full 8 bit resolution and the Midi implementation chart suggested a combination of 2 Controllers to get the full range of 255 by using CC 90 MSB (0…1) and CC91 LSB (0…127).
How can i assign multiple Controller Values to one Slider/Knob control in the device panel editor ?


When you Add a Fader or Knob, double click to edit it,and click to the Create button in the Control Parameter Assignment window, you can click to the Transmission field, and scroll down. There are multiple options:

  • Control Change 14 Bit
  • Bank Select 14 Bit
  • Bank Select 14 Bit MSB-LSB Swapped.

Select the one, which fits to your needs, and set the parameters.

Thank you Martin ! It worked. Map is done now.
Would it make sense for Steinberg to invest a bit more work into the device maps editor ? I feel that there is some room for improvement. For example:

  1. Load your own imageStrips of Knobs, Buttons
  2. Color code Controls
  3. Adding Combo Boxes
  4. numerical input for positioning Controls (adobe flash editor)

just to name a view.