Assign multiple midi controllers to different mix consoles

Hi all
I have two midi controllers. Icon platform M+ and NI komplte control 61.
Can I assign those two to control mix console 1 and 2 separately?



Unfortunately you can’t. All Remote Devices are linked with MixConsole 1.

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Except for EUCON Controllers - they control the mixer that is in focus.

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Really? So does it follow the MixConsole visibility? I mean, this is the only difference of the multiple MixConsoles, that you setup different visibilities, right?

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Hi Martin,

it is a little more complex:

No, the EUCON controllers do NOT follow the visibility settings of any other mixer but mixer 1.

BUT: With EUCON Commands (like “show inputs”, “show midi”, etc. etc. etc. – all mixer commands) the EUCON Controllers always only address the mixer that is currently in focus! In that respect you can control the individual mixer by commands. The other way round, i.e. that the control surface follows the track visibility in the respective mixer window is NOT working.

BR, Ernst



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Thank you all. Its a shame though

Yes it is!