Assign Notes In Chord Pad Like In Groove Agent SE

In Groove Agent SE, I really like the way it assigns pads from my hardware (Korg padKONTROL). After I assign a pad, it automatically goes to the next one. This way, I don’t have to click again for each pad in Cubase. I just keep touching my hardware until done. It is very quick and easy…

But in Chord Pads, I must click a pad on the screen, click my hardware, click the next pad on my screen, click the hardware and so on. It’s not so elegant in Chord Pads. I am going to assume that a different programmer made Chord Pads.

Please fix it so it is the same as Groove Agent SE and while we are at it, the midi delay in Groove Agent is implemented much better than the midi insert effect. Could you please make the insert effect the same as in Groove Agent SE?