Assign output channels galore

Yebo people!
I’ve recently converted a huge project from surround to stereo for various reasons, and now I’m sitting here with a project where an awful lot of the tracks have no output channel assignment. Is there any way to make Nuendo automatically assign all un-patched tracks to the same outputs without actually having to do that by hand for every single affected track and bus? I have a sneaking memory I’ve seen something like this before, but can’t find it right now.

You can use Shift+Alt + click on output routing on the selected tracks
but personally, I would create a stereo output and I would do a downmix of the surround project

Thanks for the reply! That works well when I mark all the unassigned tracks, but regretfully this project is about 650 tracks and buses large, so I kinda hoped there would be an easy way to assign all unassigned tracks without actually having to highlight them first.
I converted the project because it contains some seriously heavy processing, and I was hoping to save some CPU now that I’m making an online-exclusive mix for it, but I’m beginning to question if the nerfing was really a good idea considering how much extra work that would bring.

If you have to select all your tracks and send them on a single output,
select the first one then shift + select the last one and shift-alt-click output routing.
You can go through the left menu tracks / visibility,
but maybe I do not understand the difficulty …

Would you maybe be able to create a ‘script’ in the project logical editor?

Just a suggestion, I don’t actually use it.

That’s how I normally do it when doing things like removing a 5.1 bus and replacing it with a 4.0 ditto for reverb for instance (early reflection belong in the center but tails do not), but that is normally just a few to maybe 20 tracks, and they are all in the same folder without anything in between them. This project is 650 tracks big and the unassigned tracks were all over the place together with other complete groups, cascaded effects, and VCA’s, assignment and all.

I gave up on this though and restored the project to the old 5.1 version. I’m entering mix of a new feature next week so this will have to wait a little, but even though I don’t have a strict deadline to follow on this one (it’s intended for near future promos), this turned out to be way more work than it was worth considering what I’d gain from the conversion.

Actually, that might very well be a really good idea from what I can tell right now! First I ever heard of it was when checking a video for new features, and it might be there I saw this to begin with. There’s even a chance that I can solve another problem with the exact same project there too: removing absolutely all old inserts and start 100% anew with the good stuff I’ve bought since I made this the first time.
Will check out, cheers!