Assign "own" midi to CC121 buttons

Is it possible to assign own inputs to the buttons of this contoller…
For example… Can the EQ buttons be set to something else?

Unfortunately not, only the 4 buttons on the right can be assigned as you wish.

Okay thank you very much!

Hello, Is there any moderator here? Someone who can help ?

Thank you

I am also interested in this. I am considering purchasing the unit, but my decision at this point depends mostly on whether I can assign arbitrary midi messages to knobs and buttons (particularly those of the eq section) to control 3rd party plugins. I read somewhere that that should be possible, but have no evidence of it so far…

I have been using the CC121 for 5 years in my studio and in answer to your question.

The bad news is, no you can’t assign different midi cc data to the EQ knob. The very good news is that you can assign 8 of the EQ knobs to control Cubase track quick controls.

Using this feature I use the knobs to control any plugins including all 3rd party or 8 controls at a time of any vst instrument and just about anything you can think of.

Also when you have the unit in quick control mode the last 4 knobs control the first 4 send amounts, very useful.

And if you click the leftmost and rightmost “Eq-band” on/off together, it will control send 5-8 :slight_smile: