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Hello Doricians!

I have a question about general setup rules. The idea of assigning instrument(s) to player is great, as well as creating a group of players. Since Dorico seems to be a serious tool for serious musicians what about assigning more players to one instrument. I have the piece for two pianos and FOUR performers. If I create a group out of two players - every player is not playing the same instrument. They appear in Dorico as PF 1 and PF 2 (in short). I know it is easy to change instrument name to PF Primo and PF Secondo but if this the new philosophy of scoring tool (I admire!) what about this - real life -task?

Assigning more players to single instrument

I am new here (but not newbie in notation/scoring rules and tools) so I might be missing something.
This is of course not a crucial problem, but if you have a time please help.

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The one “real life” case that Dorico’s current model doesn’t cater for is two people playing the same physical instrument, which can happen not only with four-hands piano as in your example, but also with some multi-player percussion setups. I’m afraid for the time being you have to deal with having one instrument per player, rather than being able to share that instrument between two or more players. It’s possible that we might change this in future, but I’m not sure exactly what practical benefit it would bring, other than feeling more correct!

Thank you for your reply!

Sure it is curious, and seems to be not very practical. Of course one may ask what happens often: half pedalling the piano* or playing four hands. And some of practical reasons would be notating players at separate (odd/even) pages. Maybe some playback issues…
None of current notation software is even close to this idea, so I let my dreams run :sunglasses:
It will not stop me in deep exploration of Dorico, and ask you more practical questions.


*Yes, I do read Making Notes Blog