Assign specific MIDI notes to different MIDI channels

Hi All
Is it possible to Assign MIDI notes to separate MIDI channels during recording live?
I will explain more;
I found that this is the only solution for playing micro tune.
I open 2 tracks of the same VST instrument, one on channel 1 and the other on channel 2
I want to route the notes A & E to channel 2 that has an inserted pitch bender to -50 so that when I play all the notes go to channel 1 except the A & E notes they will go to channel 2 that it pitched to -50 cets.
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Look into Input Transformer.

If you use a multi timbral instrument, you should be able to do it with one instrument track and setting the midi channel in the inspector to “Any”.

Many thanks for your reply but no such thing in the input Transformer

You didn’t mention what Cubase version you have. Input Transformer might be in Cubase Pro only.

You can set it up like this:
channel 2.PNG.jpg


you are the best…This is exactly what I need. It worked.
But suppose that I do not want to use multitembral instrument? for example I want to load Roland SH-101 on Channel one and Roland SH-101 on Channel 2

Let me put my question in another form;
in input transformer
Is it possible when I click the note (E) the transformer adds a pitchbend value of 5542?
i.e, E = E + pitchbend of 5542?

You can use two tracks if you want to.

Input Transformer lets you transform or filter. So in this case filter out notes A and E on one track, and all the other notes on the second track. Record arm both of the tracks.

You have for modules available in each input transformer, so for the second track you could change the channel for the notes A and E to channel 2 and then filter out everything that’s unequal to channel 2 with the second module instead of trying to filter notes equal to C,C#,D,D#…But both ways should work.

Not with the input transformer. You can only transform or filter.

You could try to do it with midi insert Transformer. The problem is once you insert a new pitch bend event value it will stick so you need to insert a pitch bend value of zero to all other notes. Also getting precise numbers isn’t easy as you work with values 0-127.

I solved it with a VSTi called midi polysher.
Can i send you the cubase file to see if it can be doable with transformer?
if yes, plz send me your E. mail

What’s wrong with inspector -> MIDI inserts -> Micro Tuner -> move slider on A up to 50 + move slider for E up to 50?

Then you can do it all on one track, with A and E being always half-sharp?

The Microtuner DOES NOT WORK with third party instruments