Assign the cursor to shorten the sequence


I was using Cubase 5, and when I wanted to shorten an audio sequence, I could use the alt + click to cut and delete the unwanted part, or in the bottom right corner of the sequence, click and drag to left to shorten the sequence without moving the audio.

Now I have Cubase 8 and whenever I want to shorten it (old habitude), it moves the audio instead of shortening it.

As a picture is better than explanation… :smiley: :

When the cursor transform into 2 opposite arrows as it comes in the right bottom corner :
I don’t want to do that :
How can I change that ? I want to be able to shorten the sequence instead of moving it :cry:

Thanks a lot guys


There are 3 different tools under the “arrow” tool. The one you ask for, is Object Selection tool, but you have select with time-stretch. Click to the small arrow, which appears when you move your mouse cursor over the “arrow” tool, and select the 1st tool from the list. This is the “normal” Object Selection tool, you are asking for.

I am infinitely thankful to you, I was struggling and this was really annoying.

So, thank you very much for your help, it works as I want it to work now !