Assign the knobs of an M-Audio 88 Pro to the faders in the mix console

Hey everyone,

I have an M-Audio 88 Pro Keyboard and in the past I was somehow able to use the faders on this keyboard to control the faders in the mix console. I had to revert it because it messed up the input of my Midi CCs. I now want to assign the knobs on that keyboard (it has 8 knobs which would be enough for the groups I have) to control the first 8 faders in the mix console. I looked up a whole lot of tutorials and searched in this forum but nothing I do is working.

Can somebody in a VERY simple way describe how to do that?


You can still use the Genetic Remote, which was part of previous Cubases. It’s discontinued, but still part of Cubase.

Or go for the new MIDI Remote. In the window clock the + button, set the new device’s vendor, model, In/Out ports. On the next page select the fader, move the 1st fader to assign it, then the 2nd, etc. Then in the Mapping Assistant assign the function from the right part of the window: MixConsole > Channel Bank > Volume.

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I was able to use the new Midi Remote to assign the knobs to the faders. I was also making sure that their midi CCs don’t interfere with the VST instruments. I’m able to control the faders now but whenever I use them some of my midi instruments start to sustain every note that is played until everything just sounds like a mess.

I don’t know why it does that because none of the knobs have a midi CC (they start at 70) which interferes with the EastWest Hollywood strings automation.