Assign track names and colors using midi notes

I find that I get slowed down when creating new audio tracks because I have to type in track names. I would like the ability to map midi notes to automatically enter track names. For example:

C1 = Lead Vox
D1 = Bvox
E1 = AC Guit

That way when I create a track, I can quickly assign a name without typing, since I generally use the same names all the time. These should be user assignable too.

Also, it would be great if I could color the tracks / parts using midi notes such as:

C2 = Red
D2 = Green

Perhaps this would be in conjunction with a modifier key (Alt + midi note), but it would really simplify workflow for me.

This functionality already exists in the Project Logical Editor.

Create PLE presets that name the selected track, one each for the various names you need.

Assign it to a keystroke in the Key Commands dialog, or create a Generic Remote, route your keyboard to it, and assign the triggers and commands in the upper and lower panes, respectively.


Another option is using project templates. Wonderful time saver.

Very good idea. Thank you!

Can somebody explain how to do it by pressing Alt + Midi Key to trigger a PLE preset with Generic Remote? Is there an option to add a condition in GR?

AFAIK only way to do it could be by using Bome midi translator (or Autohotkey maybe but limited).

I did it in BMT, pretty easy to do, other than making the PLE presets (I made only 3 of them to test)

The good thing with BMT is when you keep pressing a key (I chose CTRL) and hit a note on the midi keyboard, only the corresponding function is executed; i.e. you can block that note from going into Cubase. There is no need to hear it (or even record it by mistake).

If you want help with it, I can guide you.