Assign VST On/Off Switch to MIDI Controller

Hi All,

I have a Midi controller that appears under my device manager. It has 8 assignable buttons.

On my master mixer track, I have a vst that has an On/Off button.

I was wondering, how do I assign the assignable button my midi device to that one VST button? I’ve looked into Quick Controls but I don’t think it’s correct.

More information is neede to be sure but it may not be possible. It is likely that the buttons are “pads” and can send MIDI notes and ASCII characters and the VSTi needs to be paired with a MIDI CC (continuous controller). What controller are you using? What instrument?
You may be able to assign a knob to the switch…

Hi Jaslan, thank you for your reply. I am using a Mackie MCU Pro which has assignable knobs. (I have other midi controllers with assignable midi buttons too).

For the VST I am using Sample Magic A/B which lets you quickly switch to another reference song.

Unfortunarely, i dont know anything about either of those products…

How would you do it with your midi controller, and any vst that you do know? I can try to compare it to what I’m using

I would assign either a knob or sustain pedal or modulation wheel to it.

Oh k is this done through Quick Controls? I’m not sure how it works.