Assigned technique of a keyswitch alternative cannot be cleared in percussion map

After having used the tiresome entry of a great number of techniques in several percussion maps by clicking down to each of the midi note in the full listing and entering the instrument and associated info in the form below, I noticed I had one key switch as well as its alternative which I did not need anymore for an instrument. So I wanted to to delete them. Clear it as Dorico call it.

The main keyswitch clears correctly but it proves to be impossible to clear the alternative entry after that.

The screenshot shows the keyswitch alternative entry for C#4 with info filled out in the list but but as you can see in the detailed window below there is nothing listed for C#4. It seems to be still there in the list but the info is cleared. How do I get this cleaned up?

I can actually fill out the missing info for C#4 in the form below but after confirming with Apply it will create a new entry which can be deleted but the entry I would like to delete or overwrite remains there.

I’ve just tried this out myself in a new project, and I find that I’m able to remove keyswitch alternative rows with no problem. Would you be able to attach the project containing the troublesome percussion map here so I can take a closer look?

Thanks Daniel, I was able to clear the line with a trick. Rather than filling out the form at the bottom which creates and additional entry for the C#4 keyswitch, I copied and pasted in values from another keyswitch in the cc list.

These values are allocated without issue to this « empty » C#4 line and the form after pasting also shows the info correctly . Now I can clear it.

How I managed to keep an entry in the list but no values in the form below, I still don’t understand 100%. I had a keyswitch C#4 with 1 for snares off and an alternative which should have had 0 for snares on. But I forgot to enter this value. I then deleted the C#4 with 1 but was not able to clear the alternative you see in the screenshot with the normal clear button but after the trick above it worked.

Have I understood correctly that you cannot enter data than copy-past in the list but have to show « All cc’s » and then go up or down to the cc you need and go to the form below to enter instrument and the technique you need . You then have to enter more or less the same data again in the instrument playing techniques dialog in the setup for the instrument to allocated notehead etc. A combined percussion map with all info might be a possibility.

If you can reproduce the problem with the non-clearable keyswitch row in the percussion map, do let me know.

If I understand you rightly, your final paragraph in your most recent reply is about copying and pasting MIDI CC data in the MIDI CC editor in the Key Editor? If so, at the moment, this is not directly possible, but it’s something we anticipate will be much easier in the next update.

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Thanks Daniel, looking forward to that change which will speed up the workflow of making percussion maps for a full library.

By the way I did pose another question in another thread also related to percussion maps and it is linked to this thread. Instead of using these keyswitch alternatives for snares on and off I wanted to use an expression map. Reason is that all playing techniques in the percussion map could then be switched simply to on-off or a switch of mallets with just a two or three line expression map combined with the percussion map.

Unfortunately it does not work. The expression map midi notes C-1 and C#-1 are not interpreted correctly. Do you have an idea why?

Yes, unfortunately you cannot currently combine percussion maps and expression maps – this is unsupported. However, we do plan to implement this in a future version.

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