Assigning a group track as the Input to an audio track

Hi everyone this is my first message!

I’ve been using Cubase for a while now and there is something I don’t get. I used to route my VST instruments or Reason etc. to a Group track, then I would use this group track as the input to an audio track. This way I was able to record audio in cubase directly from whatever VST or rewired program I was using. SIMPLE.

Since I bought Cubase Element 7 I can’t find a way to do that anymore! I click the audio track input setting and there is nothing but “stereo input”. I’ve found instructions p.128 of the manual and followed them but it doesn’t work. I’ve watched every possible tutorials but I’m still stuck.

Any idea? Is it something you can only do with a full version of the software? Am I cursed? I just can’t do anything without this function. (Well I could but it would take forever, I have a special use of the software) :angry:



Recording from busses is not possible with Elements or Artist.

Sooooooo upset then! I bought something that’s useless. Thanks for your answer anyway!

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Seems like you bought something without researching what you were purchasing. Many of us have been there…

Just think of how much closer you are to having the full version now that does what you want and more! :slight_smile:

Glass half full man. :slight_smile:

^^ Indeed. As the older version I had did it but I didn’t use a quarter of its features and instrument sand given I had the opportunity to buy Elements 7, I didn’t think twice.

Anyways still happy with the software. What is upseting though is that Reaper does that in a single click without even needing to re-route tracks and FOR FREE! I’ll have to find a way around and deal with it for the moment. It’s not as if I were a professional or anything. :smiley:

I’ve just found out that you can export audio version of a midi track straight into the project without having to re-import the file etc. Problem solved!

The glass is full.

Nice! Awesome to hear you found a way to make it work for you!


I have a question! I can assign tracks to a group fader but it doesn’t seem to do much. I would like to use the group fader for overall volume control for my vocal channels. I have some channels set a bit hotter than others but that’s what I want. What I also want is to be able to simply adjust my group fader to slowly pull all of the vocals down to 0 at the end of a part of my song. When I move the fader all the way down, not much has really changed volume wise.

I know I’m missing something but I just don’t know what is is.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance!

Jeremykeys, the Perpetually Confused!

Now since there is not really much one can do wrong - what have you done?

don’t know but at least now it’s working. Pilot error perhaps! Thanks anyway! Maybe senility kicked in without me knowing!