Assigning a key command

I want to assign a key command for adding a new player in setup mode and have looked at the D4 documentation which tells me to click the “New key command” input field in the relevant Preferences page. However, I have attached a copy of the Preferences page and “Add key command” is the closest thing I can see. However, it is greyed out and won’t accept any input. I must be missing something!

click inside the box to the left of the “add key command” button and then once you press your desired keystroke, the button will light up and allow you to add it. (Essentially, Dorico is waiting for an input to offer you the option to actually add something. At the moment, because you haven’t typed in a keystroke, there is nothing to add, hence the button is greyed out.)

Thanks. I had unsuccessfully tried typing in my shortcut one character at a time but pushing two or more together makes it all work as it should.

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