Assigning a motorized fader to a track parameter (i.e fx send)

Hello all! I am a long time Cubase user and I recently bought a Presonus faderport v2 which has a motorized fader that can control both volume (in standard mode) and pan (in flip mode).

I also own another midi controller (pads and knobs) and I used to make automations of on every track or vst parameter using the quick control function of cubase, and it always worked great!

Now I would like to use the motorized fader to do the same but I discovered that the commands that it uses to communicate volume or pan values are not recognized as a single kind of midi CC, as it happened with knobs and non motorized faders!
I also tried to use the learn function in the quick control moving the fader and it automatically shifts from any parameter that I have selected for that slot to volume or pan (depends if the fader is in normal or flip mode).

I tried so hard on the internet but nobody seems to address an issue that is so simple! it would be so great to control a fx send value with a motorized fader!
I thought I could override the default assignation of the fader instead that to the volume or pan, to a parameter of my choice, would that be possible?

I thank you in advance for your time helping me and others reaching motorized fader bliss! :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Do you use the Faderport in the CC mode or the Mackie Mode?

On the original Mackie Control hardware, there is a button to switch, you can control any parameter by the V-Pots. Then you can Flip it to the faders.