Assigning a single parameter (eg filter cutoff) across multiple zones. Simple or script required?

Looking at the example below you can see the knob has been assigned to zone 1 filter cutoff.

Is there a simple way to map this to all zones from within this window (ie, Zone All.Filter Cutoff or Zone Multi.Filter Cutoff etc). I’ve tried those but it would have been a miracle if I guessed correctly. The ideal solution would be an Excel-like ‘pick from list’.

Failing that, and a script is required, I’m really not sure how to proceed. Most of the scripts I’ve written thus far are renaming or reassigning parameters.

My current thinking is as follows:

zones = this.parent:findZones()

function filterCutoffAll()
for i, zone in ipairs(zones) do

defineParameter(“FilterCutoff”, nil, 1, filterCutoffAll)

EDIT: I don’t know why the indenting has stopped working all of a sudden. It makes it a little less easy to follow unfortunately.

Any guidance would be most welcome.

That said, the ZoneAll approach would obviously be much cleaner if indeed it’s possible.

Indenting works with “Preformatted Text” formatting, but not with the “Blockquote”. In addition, the latter displays as regular font, and the former as mono-spaced font. Judging by the font, you’ve used Blockquote for your code example.

This is a Preformatted Text

This is a Blockquote

Ah ok, I must have clicked the wrong one then. Thanks for confirming.

You can do this without script. It can be done by changing scope.

Edit Scope (

Assign filter cutoff of one zone. Click into the value field. You should see something like:

@0:Zone 1/@id:140002

Change it to:

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Fantastic. This worked perfectly and saved hours of work across all the parameters that were affected.