assigning an endless rotary encoder to jog wheel

when I have tried to do this,
1.) I set up my midi device as a generic midi controller (using touch osc on my ipad 2)
2.) use the learn function to assign midi channel and control #
3.) enable the Receive and Relative options

The result is that the jog wheel work fine as long as I’m turning the encoder counterclockwise, but it does nothing when I turn it clockwise.
I’d appreciate any info you might have on this subject

Yes, I never figured this out either. In the end I did manage to get the jogwheel to work, but only when turning very slowly, or it would actually start going in the opposite direction :confused:

See the topic here:

I didn’t have any trouble assigning a rotary encoder to the jog wheel in previous versions of Cubase

Hey guys, I don’t know if this is still useful… it’s an 8 years old thread after all, but I found a way to do it.
TouchOSC documentation is sketchy at best on this so after a little bit of tinkering I found a solution.

You’ll also need the TouchOSC Editor for this.

In the TouchOSC editor, on the Encoder that you want to use for the Jog Wheel, swap the Range values: put from 127 to 1 instead of 0-127 (do not use the zero as it is reserved as an “end message” in this case).

Then in Cubase you can assign the controller, with Receive and Relative flagged (Encoders in TouchOSC do not receive MIDI messages so the Transmit is totally useless). I also put Not Automated in the command assingment window.

Hope this helps any other struggling people.

…now, if someone would teach me how to assign a vertical fader to a relative project scroll function, I would be grateful. :smiley: