Assigning Audio Inputs

I’m sorry that this might seem a simple question but I cannot find how to assign audio inputs in wavelab 7. I have a Steinbeg MR816 x and all of the inputs show up in Wavelab 7. I want to record from inputs 5+6 but cannot find how to assign these to an audio track! I’ve search the help documentation but cannot find the relevant information.
Maybe I’m too used to assigning in Cubase, which seems easy, but I cannot work this out!!

Any help would be appreciated…



Audio tracks have no record inputs. You record from the Record dialog. The inputs are defined in the Audio Streaming dialog. This can be refined there:

Hi PG,

Thanks for the help on that… I have managed to do it although I never would have worked it out without the graphic! Only thing is when recording there’s no monitoring sound… again cannot see an obvious solution (playback after recording is fine).

Thanks again,


Why is there no way to monitor during recording or rendering in real time? The other day I tried to render a song and I needed to make a move on my outboard ASIO plugin but I couldn’t do it without being able to hear the audio.



Monitoring during recording is possible. Check the settings on the recording dialog and its tabs. I don’t know about monitoring during rendering - never needed that.

Luck, Arjan