Assigning Color to Multiple Tracks

Is it possible to assign the same color to multiple tracks in one go? I try to select multiple tracks and even with link on it doesn’t seem to work.



select all the tracks you want to color and then press Alt and Shift keys and select the color from the menu bar.

Thank you so much!

you’re welcome :wink:

Nice one! Is it also possble to give all parts in the track the same color in the same go?

If you mean all the events, then yes. You May have to select all the events tho.

Just trying it now. Doesn’t seem to work. Where are you selecting the color from? I’m doing from the inspector tab in the project window.

It won’t work from the inspector area.
There’s a color selector in the toolbar. You may have to enable it by right -clicking in the toolbar area.

Looks like this:

Uploaded a short video on Youtube about this “hidden feature”.

Sweet - thanks!

1/ too bad it didn’t work in inspector :confused:

2/ Alt + shift + assign output bus to all selected tracks at the same time from the inspector works