Assigning Contimbre samples to playback expressions


I would like Contimbre to playback expressions such as multi phonics, Sul Ponticello, ect. I’m able to use contimbre samples as the main playback instrument so I know that the samples are loading. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to the forum, Daniel. The main issue, I expect, will be that you need to define an expression map for conTimbre (unless the manufacturer provides one, or one is available from a fellow Dorico user – I’m not sure), and then specify how to achieve those particular playback techniques with entries in the expression map, and match them up to appropriate playing techniques that you create in the music.

I’ve created just a few entries for conTimbre, but my main recommendation is to create a spreadsheet with fixed places for the articulations in each family of instruments. For example, molto sul ponticello always on Program Change 50, on the tailpiece always on Program Change 55, and so on.

conTimbre ePlayer is very flexible in the way of assigning MIDI selection messages to each articulation, so when starting a piece you can load the articulations you need, and assign them the matching selection messages.