Assigning Controller to Quantize Pitch & Straighten Pitch

Hi All,
Quick question, is it possible to assign a controller to Quantize Pitch & Straighten Pitch in the clip editor window? I have to tune vocals for a few days and that would save me some time. I haven’t had much luck yet.
I own an SSL Nucleus and I have a MIDI keyboard controller as well.


Were you ever able to find anything? I have spent hours looking for a work around for this as well since bouncing back and forth is not much fun, so close to be much faster with accepting CC messages. Apparently not even the AI knob locks to it which I almost paid for just for this feature.

+1 I posted that original question. Hope it’s implemented in the future (midi ccs would be great). For now my workflow is:

  1. Open audio Editor & select Vari Audio
  2. Select all (CTRL+A)
  3. Quantize (made a custom key command of CTRL+SHIFT+Q)
  4. Go through each individual note and make sure it’s correct.

Okay thanks, I also set a key command for quantize vary audio and find myself use my key command to reset all variaudio parameters frequently since it is 100%. If I just Reset Pitch or Warp changes it doesn’t seem to work as solid as resting both and starting especially if you have warped the audio.

For what it’s worth here are a couple macros’ that work for zooming and selecting notes that work in the Key Editor and Sample Editor.

The Zoom to selected notes is kind of helpful so you don’t quantize things outside the part unless that is what you are after of course.

Hi Skillet,
I was not able to get this to work. I have a similar work flow to Sunshy.
The one thing I did that helped me was changing the Preferences–>Editing–>Controls–>Slider Mode to Jump. Now instead of trying to grab the Straighten Pitch slider I can now just click anywhere in black and it will jump to that position. It saves a lot of time.

You might want to switch it back when you’re finished tuning because it works on the Mix Faders too.

Great suggestion, thanks!

I heard from Steinberg Support the CC121 AI knob can not be mapped to this either, no way to set this at the present time.

“I’m sorry but there is not an option to have the AI knob function control the Straighten or Quantize pitch.”