assigning different notes to seperate outputs i.e drums?

as the title says! basically I have cubase 6 artist(with halion sonic se) what I’m doing is pressing f11, activating all midi outputs but I can’t seem to put the kick on one track,the snare on another etc? any tips/help?

Aloha s

Try setting the kik and snare to (and the rest of the kit)
different MIDI channels.

Then assign those MIDI channels to different outputs.

Or if your 'puter can handle it,

Give each drum it’s own ‘Instrument Track’ with
it’s own instance of HASonic.

This way you have full control over each sound.
(pan/fx/eq/comp etc etc)

HTH (hope this helps)

cheers got 8g ram amd quadcore sooooooooooo! :-p

Glad you got it sorted