Assigning faders to CC controls does not work

Hi friends
I am trying to assign the faders of the Behringer X Touch Compact to CC controls, like vibrato, expression, modulation etc. I tried to assign the faders through the kontakt player with MIDI learn but when i touch the faders, they seem to function like buttons and they jump from one end to the other like in dynamics here:

Does anyone know how to fix this, or how to give certain faders always the same CC function in every library?


Touching the fader seems a MIDI Message. Do it this way:

  • Touch the fader.
  • Call the Learn function in the software.
  • Move the fader.
  • Close the Learn.
  • Release the fader.
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Thank you so much, it works now!
Now i just have the problem, that there are multiple expressions assigned to one fader, where do i configure, or delete other automatically added espressions?