Assigning Horns a4 VST Instrument To Solo Player: Any Negative Consequences?

Are there any potential negative consequences if I were to add a Horns a4 VST instrument to a Solo Player? I’m thinking of something like this:

Instead of:
Section Player - Horns a4
Solo Player - Solo Horn 1
Solo Player - Solo Horn 2

Set it up this way:
Solo Player Horns A - Horns A4 and Solo Horn 1
Solo Player Horns B - Solo Horn 2

If I needed a Horns a4 line then Solo Horns A could play it, or if I needed a solo or multi-voice line the player could play that. This would save me a Player listing. Multiply this savings with each family of woodwinds and brass and you’ve really saved a lot.

I should add there will be no scenario where I have to actually hand parts to a real-life player, so I’'m not concerned about that at all. I just use Galley View for composition and playback.

Depending what you mean by your combinations above (condensing combos or Player combos), so far Dorico will only condense the first instrument of a multi-instrument Player.


I mean Player combos. I only use Galley View, so I believe condensing is not a real consideration for me, but thanks for pointing that out.