Assigning imported midi for unpitched precussion to a player

When I import a General Midi unpitched precussion file on channel 10, it displays on a 5-line staff like I’d expect, and plays properly. However, in setup mode, it is not assigned to a player or a drum kit. And, in play mode there is a drum kit. Can anyone tell me how to associate this with a player and an editable drum kit?

The process should be automatic: provided you have both the Interpret as General MIDI and Interpret channel 10 as General MIDI percussion options activated in the MIDI Import Options dialog, Dorico should create a drum kit instrument and show the music in there. Can you zip up and attach the MIDI file you’re using?

Thanks for the quick response! Here they are with a screen shot of setup and play mode.
I may have misunderstood this? Now even though it doesn’t look like a player I can click to a drum kit. Please see the screen shot. (566.2 KB) You may want to ignore this…

It looks absolutely fine to me. You’re getting the expected notation in Write mode, and you have all of the individual instruments showing in Play mode, so it looks exactly as I would expect.

Sorry for the trouble. I looked again at an earlier project and the difference between these two screens threw me. I see now that I can just edit the names and everything under there is the same. …need more coffee I guess.

When you import a MIDI file, ensure the ‘Use MIDI track names for instruments’ box is unchecked.

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