Assigning In/out and... keeping these ??

I have gone through some setting videos on You Tube, quick starters and so on.

Got the point I can assign IN/OUT channels so to work with my RME Fireface 800 audio intercace. I renamed so I could (hopefully) have the same friendliness I’m used to with Pro Tools, Sonar and to a lesser extent, Logic.

For instance, rather than seeing STEREO OUT 5 (which I would need to figure out it is my ADAT 7-8 output for each and every and all projects, I am renaming it, of course, ADAT 7-8 then link it to ADAT 7-8 in the VST assignment table.

Thing seems to be :

  1. it does not seem to keep my renaming in mind : wether I start a new project or open an old one : I keep seeing ‘‘STEREO OUT’’ 1, 2 or whatever…

  2. it does not seem to apply to old projects I have started as ‘‘learning projects’’ with instruments tracks which all seem to go to one stereo out.

  3. If I start a new project, it also seem that nothing is kept in mind and I have to remap each time…

Is this really the way Cubase works ??.. (I am assuming there is something I’m doing wrong…)


No you can save the vst connection settings into a preset, see a little + symbol somewehere in vst connections.