assigning Input busses...shortcut?


I have a bunch of audio tracks which need input busses assigned…

Is there a modifier to incrementally assign the input list to the selected tracks?

Can’t remember and can’t find in the manual!!


Not at my computer but…

In mix console:

  1. Select multiple channels
  2. Hold down SHIFT and select first input

*Hold down SHIFT + ALT to make inputs all same

This I believe works in Cubase 7.5 so it may not work in Nuendo until the new update.

Just tested this and it works in Nuendo 6.

Even easier - select all tracks in the “Zones” section of the MixConsole (on the left side), hit Q-Link & change one - they will all follow.
T^his works for most any setting or option in the MixConsole - just be aware there are also some gotchas awaiting.