Assigning lines to certain parts

Is there a way to quickly assign selected music to a specific part without having to use copy/paste or the N/M options? I mean, if I have a large score and I have selected a line of music in my piano reduction draft, can I easily say “paste this into the flute part” for example? I am thinking something that works like the cue notes functionality but not for cues notes.


With respect, how could it be any faster than Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V?

I find that if I choose music that doesn’t fit neatly in the measure - then I have to go find the staff I want to paste it in and enter into that bar and find the spot in the bar. If I could just type “flute 1” and it would paste it there, I could stay viewing in the “reduction” and continue orchestrating, I think, with a better flow. I hope this make sense…

I guess holding down Alt and clicking is quite close to what I was asking :slight_smile:

If anyone has other suggestions, I’d appreciate them.

If it’s in the same rhythmic spot as in the reduction, select the music, copy, invoke the caret then arrow up/down to the correct stave and paste. As long as the rhythmic grid resolution is high enough, the caret will retain its vertical position.

Thank you! That’s very helpful!