Assigning MIDI CC for BCF2000

Hello, I recently purchased a Behringer BCF2000 USB MIDI Controller, which looks and works great, except that the standard U-1 (USB 1) setting isn’t quite what I need for my Cubase sessions. Right now, Fader 1 is automatically assigned to Stereo Out and I’d really like to assign faders to MIDI CC (expression, volume, modulation especially). It appears that I’ll need to create a Generic Remote in Device Setup, but I’m struggling to get Cubase to learn these commands. Can anyone give me a step-by-step setup for this?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

To be honest, I don’t think you need the Generic Remote Device for this. What is your goal? If I understand it right, program BCF2000 so it sends these MIDI data. If you need a feedback of the current value of these controllers (on selected tracks) on your BCF, you have to send the MIDI data from that track back to BCF. You can do so for the dedicated MIDI Track (via MIDI Send). But do so dynamically (on the selected track…)? It Could be tricky. Maybe Quick Controls could help.

If you really want to use Generic are ote Device:
Set the MIDI IN and Out Ports first.
Click Apply!!!
Now, the Learn function works.

Did you ever get an answer to this that actually works? I have a BCF2000 also and I’d like to control MIDI Modulation and Expressions by slider as well in Cubase 11.

The BCF2000 can be set to Mackie mode, and then you can use the Mackie remote which can be found in the Studio Setup Dialog in the Remotes section.