Assigning midi CC Toggle to Open/Close editor of a plugin

Hi there
New to Cubase, I am coming from ableton,
I am trying to assign a midi CC Toggle to Open/Close editor of a plugin, supervision to check the analyzer at any given time, without having to go on the inserts and click the e button every time.
Is there a way to do that?
Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use MIDI Remote. Be aware, you will assign the command to open/close of the plug-in window of the channel number X, Insert slot Y. What I want to say, if you change the channels order, it will not work anymore, same as if you move the plug-in to other Insert slot.

I tried but I can’t find the right assigment fron the menu, as C13 is quite deep compared to ableton. I did configure my controller, a Novation Lauchpad, I can assign buttons and knobs to QC lets say to use a cutoff filter on a VSTi but I can’t figure out how to toggle on and off the edit “e” button on the supervision that is on the last insert of the stereo out channel. Sorry for the noob question but I am trying all evening and didn’t get it working yet

Hi, I think that Martin is referring to the “old” Generic Remote, not the new one.
Here’s a screenshot that show how this (Edit, this one opens/closes the insert) can be assigned, hope it helps.


I mean this one…