Assigning Midi Control to Play

Hi guys,

Is there a way to assign a midi control, preferably a Transport control to the Play? Preferable to play from beginning of flow?

Yes: Dorico menu > Preferences > Key Commands in category list on left > search for “start of flow” in 2nd column > select appropriate item in that column > edit MIDI Learn on right.

I’ve never quite gotten that to work with my controller. It will play, but only as long as I hold the transport button down, which is much more annoying than just playing it by hitting P. If there was a way to just hit the transport button once to start playback, I think I’d use that much more often.

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Hmm. I’ve had it working with Mackie and Icon controllers, although I typically use key commands with Dorico because of conflicts with note entry or controlling other software. Just a guess, but maybe there’s something to do with your controller sending note on followed by note off messages, and the Stop Playback command.

EDIT: Your controller might also be sending the same message over and over, and Dorico is toggling start and stop. Maybe there’s a delay-until-repeat setting for the controller.


Yeah, I think that’s likely. I’ve got a new “toy” coming next month so will probably this a try again once it arrives.

Maybe you need to configure the transport control (on the controller) as “toggle” or “latching” or something similar.

That’s the point, I’m getting the same thing. It just moved the cursor to the beginning but didn’t play.

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@NicolasJC , is it behaving the same way with the controller and the key command?

Interesting results with Start of Flow for me:

  • with a controller - works
  • with default key command (option-shift-space) - doesn’t work
  • with a new key command (option-backslash) - works

Another thought:

Try checking a MIDI monitor.

Honestly i just gave up. Just using the keyboard now… Not worth becoming a programmer to fix something so insignificant. CTRL + Shift + Space does it for me. Thanks for the help though @Eggsalad

I finally played around with this some more and did eventually get it working. The key for me was to switch the message type for the transport buttons to be “MIDICC(Tog)” then it wasn’t sending the off message upon release.


Yeah but in this case, it depends on the controller. I’m working with the Novation Launchkey 61 MKIII and you can’t change the transport CC data just the pots, pads and fadders. Which is a lot of flexibility. But my initial question is how to assign in Dorico a play from beginning of flow.

How did you assign Mackie Control in Dorico?

You should be able to assign one of your pads, for example, in the MIDI Learn section.

As above. It was an old MCU, and I’m not sure it was in Mackie Control mode.

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Since Dorico doesn’t have any sort of loop feature, I had assigned my loop transport button to Play from Start of Flow:

Obviously you could have any other pad or button do that too.

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