assigning midi controllers - please help me understand

I’m pretty new to Cubase and cannot figure out how to assign midi controller to my synth parameters in Cubase Pro 9. I’m using Komplete Kontrol S61 keyboard that has midi CC dials and Roli Seaboard RISE that also outputs various CC#s. However, when I try and use the Quick Control learn function, Cubase does not see the incoming CC#s. I tried learning them in Device Setup under track quick controls and VST quick controls with no luck at all. I’m not oriented on how to do this in Cubase. Its works fine in every other DAW I’ve used. I’m missing something in how this is done in Cubase so any help is greatly appreciated!

Greg K.

figured it out. thanks everyone.

Hello I have the same issue as above. How do I solve it?


The Quick Control learn function is not a MIDI learn function, but a way to assign a parameter to a Quick Control slot.