Assigning multiple channels to a group

I used to be able to route multiple channels to a group at the same time by selecting all the channels I want to route, holding shift and route the first channel to my group.

If I try to do this now, the first channel goes to the group I selected but the next channel goes to the NEXT group and so on.
Why has this changed and is there a new way to do this now?
And why in the world would I want to route multiple channels to multiple groups? Makes no sense to me.


It’s Shift-alt now.

Seems to be hard for some members to see a little bit more than their own limited point of view, but just because it makes no sense to you, does not mean it is senseless.

Doesen’t work.

I see it, it says “all selected with <alt+shift+click” when I hover with the mouse, but it won’t work.
What am I doing wrong? Am I just being late night stupid?

thinkingcap, please educate me if you have scenarios where using one group per track is useful.
Seeing as one usually uses groups to sum several channels it makes most sense to me to have a function that allows you to route several tracks at the same time to one group, not several channels to an equal amount of groups.

well for 1 :

If you run out of inserts to use on the said track you could add a Group track for an extra 8 inserts

Sure, but thats one channel at the time, please re-read my first post :slight_smile:

That I couldn’t tell you :wink: but it does work here.

And it works now, problem solved :slight_smile: