Assigning multiple players to one instrument

Can this be done? I have a percussion ensemble with five players who all share all the instruments. I know how to assign multiple instruments to one player. How can I assign multiple players to one instrument?

You can either use the Add Instrument (plus sign button) of the Player in Setup to add alternate instruments, or you can create a Percussion Kit that you can represent as single lines, a grid, or a five-line staff.

For shared instruments you can simply create separate instances of the instrument sound for each player and alter the name, if you wish, so they are not numbered differently (1, 2, etc.)

I tend to do what Derrek suggests and either have multiple players with the same set of instruments, or (depending on your situation/limitations) produce a single percussion part with everything in and let the real-life players divvy it up between them.

If you put each player in their own group (a group of 1) they won’t be numbered sequentially automatically (meaning each instance of e.g. Bass drum will appear as just “Bass drum” not “Bass drum 1 / 2 / 3”)

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