Assigning multiple tracks to VCA

Can we please have the option to assign/remove multiple tracks at the same time to VCAs instead of having to do it for every single one?
Thanks. :pray:t2:

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Use Q-Link and then Link the selected (multiple) channels to the VCA.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your replay. With q-link I canโ€™t either link nor unlink multiple tracks to the same VCA.


I have just tried here on my side and it works. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Which of the following should I check?
Plugins and disable?

Doesnโ€™t work on my side, never did.
We are talking about adding multiple Tracks to an existing VCA that already has slaves, not to a new one, right?

Cheers, Dirx


For the testing purpose (to test, if it would work with factory preferences), choose Disable program preferences, please.