Assigning multiple VST Instruments to one Chord Trackt

How do you assign different VST Instrument tracks (HALionSonic SE) to one Chord Track.
This is to be able to have different presets for Verse & Chorus, for example.
Cubase 7 only allows one Chord Track per project.

use the monitor icon next to the arm track that should do it …this is what you are looking for …
also use the pull down option in the inspector section for the CT … it will have the option one track of your choice or all monitored tracks
hope this helps

A song only needs one chord track, regardless of Cubase or in the real world. Think of the chord track like guitar tablature. Only one chord can be playing at any given time.

A track may be optionally assigned to follow the chord track or not. You can audition the effect of this and leave it set to follow, or you can actually apply the changes to the track or a new track. You can have the same VSTi targeted from two different MIDI tracks, and have one track following the chord track and the other one not following the chord track.

There’s another question about the chord track I tried to answer over here.

Thanks ‘Tony H’, your info was spot on. And thanks ‘sallendigital’ for the extra information.
I would have responded earlier but the access to the Steinberg web site is painfully slow if not impossible.