Assigning PLAY/STOP control on Yamaha P-150 Piano

Hi, total shot in the dark here… my MIDI controller is the old Yamaha P-150 digital piano. It has 3 MIDI assignable controllers… a CS slider (which works) and a PS1 and PS2 buttons (which should be for PLAY and STOP of the external sequencer but do not work).

Does anyone know how to assign these PS1 and PS2 buttons so that Cubase or Kontakt will “hear” them being pressed and start/stop their internal playback accordingly? Neither application is currently “hearing” the signal…


Open Devices > Device Setup and click to + button to Add a Generic Remote Device. In the upper part set the incomming MIDI data. In the lower part, set the Commands (Start and Stop).

Please, search the forum for the Generic Remote Device, there are lots of posts already.

Hmm. I think I know why it’s not working and will never work. Using MIDI-OX I see that these 2 buttons send no MIDI signal. Everything else on the hardware registers something but not those two buttons. I wonder why. I think I’ll need to contact YAMAHA for assistance because the manual does not mention anything about this not working… :frowning: