Assigning scripts/macros to keyboard shortcuts?

To assign a script at a particular path in Windows, to get valid JSON, you have to put DOUBLE backslashes in your path, like this:


The additional backslashes “escape” the second backslashes and make them valid, which makes valid JSON.

I learned this just now via trial and error.

Reading from the open we see the link:
Thanks to Leo and Daniel for their awesome guidelines on this thread.

This link is dead. Can anyone help to find the link, please?

Hi @johnabram do you mean creating a macro: a KC to execute multiple KCs in sequence?

I’m not a Cubase user, so I can’t answer that.

I was just saying as in Cubase. I just removed it. I just rephrased it!
I suppose one way would be using Applescript to write a workflow on Mac.