Assigning shortcuts to pads on midi keyboard

Hey guys.I have a Novation LaunchKey Mini MKII as a MIDI keyboard.It has 16 pads on it and actually I don’t use them.I want to assign transport shortcuts like start/stop, arm, records to these pads.I think it’s possible on Cubase because I can easily do it on other DAWs like Reaper.I tried and searched on forums but I couldn’t manage to do that.How can I do it?


Yes, this is possible. Use Generic Remote Device, please.

Thanks. I managed to do it. But there is still a little problem. I assigned “play” to pad 1.When I press pad 1, it starts playing but my virtual instruments also play a note because of course i pressed the pad. All of my pads are on MIDI channel 10. Is there a way to make virtual instruments not listen to signals from midi channel 10?


Some devices solve it by using multiple MIDI Ports. Then you can use the Pads on another MIDI port, than the keyboard, and exclude this MIDI port from the incoming Ports on Cubase side (Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Devices; disable “All Inputs” column).

You can filter out all MIDI data coming on MIDI Channel 10 by using Input Transformer. Is this part of your Cubase derivative?

My keyboard has just one USB connection.

I use Cubase AI 8. I searched for Input Transformer but I couldn’t find it on my Cubase. I think my version doesn’t support Input Transformer.

One USB Port could provide multiple MIDI Ports. Check it in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup, please.

You are right, Cubase AI unfortunately doesn’t contain Input Transformer.

Then open Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, and enable MIDI Filter of Channel 10, please. This should work too. :wink:

Yep, finally I managed to do it. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.