Assigning sounds with VST-HALion


where can I find a complete tutorial on HALion and all virtual instruments? I imported a midi file of an orchestra score, I can see the scores (with loads of mistakes unfortunately, even though the midi was clean), but NOTHING plays. No sounds whatsoever. I’m trying to assign the sounds, but HALion is far from being intuitive. I click on “Load program” on a channel but nothing happens. Any video tutorial available online? I found only very short tutorials, too superficial to be of any help. Thanks.

It should be as simple as (re) applying one of the factory Playback Templates (Play>Playback Templates…)

It may depend on what instrument definitions the MIDI file has given each track.

If re-applying the HSO Playback Template doesn’t do it, then you’ll need to Change Instrument in Setup mode for each Player, to define what it is. Then re-apply the template when finished.