Assigning tracks to groups

In N6.0.2 I was selecting all tracks I wanted to go to a drum group.

I also have 4 other groups. So after selecting the channels I was holding shift and selecting a group on a channel.

N6 acted very strange, channels went to different groups, some were not affected at all.

In N5 it works perfectly.

Bug? Maybe it was fixed in 6.0.3?


they changed the shortcut to shift-alt…

Thank you,

Interesting whats the reason behind it:) Pushing 2 buttons instead of 1 lol

Hmm I have tried shift+alt doesn’t work.

Just shift works if I have only one group, it assigns all track to that group.

If I have 6 groups it assign tracks to next group. What the hell is this??:slight_smile:

Is there some preference to change?

no problem here, shift-alt does the job

Yeah I guess because you are in Windows it works. On Mac I am not bale to assign multiple channels to a group by holding shift or any other combination if there are more than 1 group in a project.

Anyone on Mac is able to do it in N6?

N5 works fine.

So you’ve first selected the tracks you want to route and then held down shift+option while selecting the target group?

Janky for me. Sometimes it works as I’m expecting, other times times highlighted tracks are assigned to outputs based on the list order top to bottom - round robin-style maybe?

Shift+option doesn’t work on MAC, nor other combination with shift+alt or apple key.

So its definitely a bug to be fixed, coz I have to spend extra time to assign each channel manually:((

Yeah same happens to me. It only works if there is only one group. Otherwise it assigns in round robin-style.

Please fix god damn it:)